Guided Meditations

I have recorded these guided meditations to accompany my magick course, Magick Made Simple, but they stand on their own as well.

Feel free to download and add them to your devic. For personal use only.

Guided Breath Meditation

Basic ten-minute guided breath meditation. Ideal for beginners.

Binaural sounds by Leigh Robinson (Pixabay)

Lower Dantian Qigong Meditation

15-minute guided lower dantian qigong meditation. Charges your body’s Qi reservoir. Practise this before doing the microcosmic orbit below.

Background music by Alan Frijns (Pixabay)

Microcosmic Orbit Qigong Meditation

20-minute guided microcosmic orbit meditation. Opens the body’s primary energy pathway. Do not attempt unless you’ve been practising the lower dantian meditation (above) for at least two weeks.

Background music by Alan Frijns (Pixabay)