President Buer – the healer

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice, nor am I suggesting that magick is a replacement for established addiction treatments. It is simply a recount based on my experience. If you are struggling with addiction, seek professional help. About a year and a half ago, I found myself […]

Prince Orobas – kind generosity

There came a point early on my demonolatry journey when I decided that I should begin exploring more goetic entities. As there was no specific goal in mind, I decided to just let one of them come to me. Prince Orobas, the fifty-fifth spirit of the Ars Goetia, often shows up in lists of beginner-friendly […]

Prince Sitri – love thyself

It is sometimes said that the two biggest motivators for people starting upon the magickal path are getting paid and getting laid. I have to admit that I am no exception to this. Although I’d been practising high magick for a couple of years by the time I found out about the Goetia, Prince Sitri […]

Lord Lucifer – inner discovery

Lucifer the morning star. Lucifer the light bringer. Lucifer as Venus. Lucifer, the mythological parallel to Prometheus, who was outcast for trying to wrest power from the hands of a tyrannical god and pass the flame to humanity. Lucifer who bears a strikingly similar, albeit controversial, storyline to that of Christ. Working with Lucifer Lord […]

Queen Astaroth – creative inspiration

Queen Astaroth has been known by many names – ‘Astarte’ in Greece, ‘Ishtar’ in Babylon, and ‘Inanna’ in Sumeria. She is the nurturing mother archetype of the Divine Feminine, who gives birth to sacred art, and inspires creativity. She was my motivation behind starting this blog and writing about magick, so it’s fitting that the […]