Prince Sitri – love thyself

It is sometimes said that the two biggest motivators for people starting upon the magickal path are getting paid and getting laid. I have to admit that I am no exception to this.

Although I’d been practising high magick for a couple of years by the time I found out about the Goetia, Prince Sitri was the first demonic divine entity whom I contacted. I was harbouring a bit of a crush at the time, and Sitri is quite well-known among demonolaters for such a goal.

Here’s his description in ArsGoetia:

The Twelfth Spirit is Sitri. He is a Great Prince, and appeareth at first with a leopard’s head and the wings of a gryphon, but after the command of the master of exorcism he putteth on Human shape, and that very beautiful. He enflameth men with women’s love, and women with men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired. He governeth 60 legions of spirits.

The Ars Goetia (Crowley & Mathers edition)

Working with Prince Sitri

The sigil of Prince Sitri

Sitri’s presence is quite noticeable. For me, a massive wave of goosebumps pretty much always comes over me, along with a distinct ‘shift’ in the rooms atmosphere.

Second, the first time I worked with him extensively, there was only one occasion out of about seven that I didn’t draw The Lovers card. That’s the same card each and every time out of a deck of 72 cards.

His described appearance is indeed somewhat cat-like. On one occasion, I felt a presence of a panther cub running around me playfully.

Definitely Sitri’s card

On each of the early occasions that I worked with Prince Sitri, it resulted in some obvious signs of attraction between myself and a member of the opposite sex.

This was followed by the whole interaction fizzling out after a few weeks, forcing me to have a really good look in the mirror.

Over time, I realised that I was trying to fill a void, trying to compensate for a lack of intimacy, which inevitably pushes potential lovers away. The only person who can give that kind of love to me is myself.

Thinking that such a key ingredient to a happy and content life comes from another person results in one of the most repulsive traits that a person could possibly display: neediness.

And for most people, this is a completely unconscious projection.

Love and intimacy are seated in a dynamic of sharing, not taking.

A more constructive approach for working with Prince Sitri is asking him to assist you in developing a sense self-acceptance and feeling comfortable in your own skin. He can help you to cultivate self-validation, self-acceptance, and authenticity, which exude an energy that people are unconsciously drawn towards: charisma.

Most recently, I’ve been working with Sitri to inspire me on my goal of improving my social skills, and to motivate me to put myself out there and talk to people. No booze, no bars, and no desperate swiping on an app. Just good old-fashioned “Hi, you seem really nice, I want to find out more about you.” In modern parlance, this is called ‘daygame’, but there are no routines, no tricks, and no manipulation here. Only authenticity, honesty, and an open heart to connect.

I must say, he’s certainly added a generous pinch of fire to that goal. I’ve been going out daily to meet people with utmost enthusiasm and really enjoying the sense of social freedom it generates. I’m making a point of speaking to at least one person per day.

And not just women for romantic purposes (though that is obviously part of the fun!); I’ve found myself striking up talking to everyone now for the hell of it. Women and men of all ages. Everyone has a story to tell, and my curiosity is truly piqued to go forth and hear it. My social confidence is improving, which, in turn, results in amplified charisma.

One notable source of information Prince Sitri has guided me to recently was the work of Zan Perrion. I’ve just finished listening to his audiobook, “The Alabaster Girl” and it’s changed my perspective completely on masculine-feminine polarity.

I am now quite convinced that Sitri’s documented ability to cause men and women to “show themselves naked” has nothing to do with ripping someone’s clothes off, which I think is what most people ask for when they petition Sitri in their spellwork. Rather, I think a far better interpretation is to understand them on an emotional level. I’ve also found that I am more attuned to subtle non-verbal cues than every before.

Ritual to Prince Sitri

As with most entities, a sufficient ritual to Prince Sitri is to simply focusing on his characteristics, invite him into your space with sincerity and an open heart while chanting its mantra. Embellishments need be nothing more that a candle used especially for him, some nice incense, and a hand-drawn sigil. Nevertheless, here are some correspondences for Sitri that I’ve found are suitable.

  • Mantra: Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri
  • Day: Thursday
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Tarot card: The Lovers
  • Incense: Jasmine
  • Offerings: chocolate, coffee, dates

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