Marquis Sabnock – spiritual bodyguard

Back when all of the… ahem… overreach was happening a couple of years ago in response to coodies, the pressure on people to give up everything that they held dear was fierce. I decided at that point that it was time to fortify myself with some magickal protection.

I asked Lucifer to hook me up.

“Please guide me to a goetic spirit of protection against this psychological sorcery”

The subsequent search led me to Marquis Sabnock. He is described as a ‘return to sender’ entity. That is, he can reflect baneful magick back to whence it came.

Marquis Sabnock is described in the Ars Goetia thusly:

He is a Marquis, mighty, great and strong, appearing in the Form of an Armed Soldier with a lion’s head, riding on a pale-coloured horse. His office is to build high towers, castles and cities, and to furnish them with armour. He can also afflict men for many days with wounds and with sores rotten and full of worms.


Serious stuff!

Alas, tough times call for tough measures.

Working with Marquis Sabnock

Sabnock’s energy is subtle. The only thing that lets me know he has arrived is that the room seems quieter, more still, and more calm.

He is an assassin. He hides in the grass, motionless, until malicious vibrations start coming your way, at which point he strikes back with relentless fury.

Sigil of Sabnock

Marquis Sabnock has stopped shitty world events of recent years getting too close to me and my immediate community. Sometimes this has been handled to almost miraculous effect. Half the world was in lockdown, while my life was mostly normal, and I was not mandated for the needlecraft.

Sabnock keeps people out of your life who aren’t good for you. Anyone who takes you for granted, psychic vampires, and all manner of people who don’t add value to your life simply fall by the wayside.

He’s a wonderful and loyal protector and friend. He doesn’t ask for much except respect and some public praise.

He shows up when necessary and clears the path in front of you so that you may walk it in peace.

It’s important to maintain the relationship by touching base regularly.

Ritual to Sabnock

A hand-drawn sigil on clean paper, a candle with his name inscribed on it, and some nice incense are sufficient ingredients for a ritual to Sabnock. After a ritual, you might like to charge any protective charms or amulets on his sigil for the day (feng shui coin sword, evil eye, etc.)

Here are a few more observances that you might like to adhere to, to further help to align you with Sabnock’s egregore.

  • Mantra: Tasa Sabnock on ca lirach
  • Day of the week: Monday
  • Candle: I used to use a purple candle to represent moon, but I have recently switched to beeswax for health purposes. Of course, his name is carved onto it. Never use the same candle for multiple entities.
  • Offerings: Anything pertaining to the moon, such as silver. As for food, keep it really simple – coffee and maybe some dark chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Marquis Sabnock – spiritual bodyguard

  1. Christopher

    I highly recommend him for someone under psychic attack or that is being hexed, this demon will protect you and tell you things you need to know!

    You can expect Eligos (excellent) results with your loyalty and honour of him!

    • Hi Christopher. Yes, he’s definitely one of my regular posse. He’s got your back.

      • Christopher

        I do not curse other witches and males are witches we are not sorcerers!

        Te Amo!

        I am a good person!

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